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Zakład ten posiada ponad 35-letnią tradycję w produkcji urządzeń chłodniczych przeznaczonych do przechowywania i bezpośredniej sprzedaży produktów mięsno - wędliniarskich, nabiałowych, cukierniczych, piekarniczych, warzywniczych, napojów, mrożonek.


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About company

In 1981 the CEBEA company took over the Prototype Design and Chemical Equipment Construction Plant in Bochnia and founded the CEBEA Experimental Production Plant.

As a plant with 35 years of tradition, the CEBEA factory is a leading producer of refrigerating equipment used for storage and direct selling of meat and dairy products, confectionery, bread, vegetables, drinks and frozen food. The state-of-the-art technologies, materials and components, the vast experience and the ability to identify customer needs, as well as the gradual broadening of the product range have led to the creation of a comprehensive offer of refrigerating equipment characterized by high standards of design, quality, technology and maintenance.

For many years the company has been successful in selling its products to large supermarkets, food shops, delicatessens, butcher's and dairy shops, restaurants, confectionery stores, hotels, etc. The company's products offer a possibility of arrangement into chains of multiple devices with an internal or external condensing unit.

In a business partnership, it is our priority to supply products of the highest quality, functionality and aesthetic design, meeting the specific needs of the given market segment, and to create a sales environment conducive to success. We have established a wide and competent distribution network throughout Poland and on other European markets. The CEBEA logo can be seen in Germany, the UK, Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Romania, Ukraine and in the Arabic countries.